Oh How I’ve Aged

“Dad”, usually a word I’m used to saying but not one I’m used to hearing and certainly not when it’s aimed in my direction. Which is why the last few months have been a real adjustment for me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those guys who shys away from responsibility but I definitely don’t feel like I’m grown up enough to be worthy of the title “dad”.

When I hear the word dad my mind automatically goes to the elderly version of myself, to a man who has years of life experience and who has sacrificed a lot for both my brother and I. At least it used to a year ago! But recently, the more I hear it, the more I realise that I am the elderly version of myself and the one being addressed as dad is me.

With just over a week to go before I become officially branded as dad I can’t help but think how much I have aged over the course of a year.

Of course when I mean aged I mean become wiser. I know that is a bold statement to make but bear with me and I’ll explain.

Firstly whoever said “wisdom comes with age” is an idiot. I think it should be “age comes with wisdom… which comes from experience… which is why you look run down”. It doesn’t sound as sexy but it’s more accurate.

Secondly, I do not presume to be wiser than my dad was when he was my age as I think the relationship between age and wisdom is circumstantial. I’m 30, when my dad was 30 he was older. Why? Simply because he was wiser and had been through a lot more than I have. By 30 my dad was supporting an entire household on a single income. He had dropped out of schooling at a very young age to provide for the entire family. My dad endured hardships that I will hopefully never have to and I owe this to him.

So when I say I have become wiser I don’t mean that I am the wisest 30 year old in the current world. This is not about comparison with other people, I simply mean that in the last year I have learned more than I had in my previous 29 years.

Let’s rewind the clock back to January 2014. I was 29 years and 2 months. Not married, not even engaged. I wasn’t on the property ladder and I definitely wasn’t a week away from being a dad. What follows is a timeline of events which has aged me tremendously over the space of a year.


  • It all began on 18th April 2014 – I proposed to my girlfriend. She said yes!
  • By 25th July 2014 – I was married. We had planned and executed a wedding in just over 3 months. It wasn’t a quick civil marriage. We did everything, Indian wedding and everything that goes with it, civil marriage and a wedding reception.
  • 28th August 2014 – became an uncle to my brother’s first child. My beautiful niece Aarya! (here we are celebrating my 30th birthday together. Best present ever!)


  • By 15th October 2014 – we had our honeymoon in Malaysia and Borneo.
  • On 19th December 2014 – we discovered that we were going to be parents. This is the photo we took on the day. I was going to put the pee stick  one up, but that might gross some people out.


  • 11th February 2015 – we saw the baby for the first time and heard the heartbeat. This was the single greatest moment of my life to that date. I never knew a sound could make you feel so relieved. Seeing the baby for the first time really makes parenthood hit home.

IMG_0909 (1)


  • Started house hunting somewhere between February and April 2015
  • 11th April 2015 – Baby moon (god I hate that word!!) to Sorrento, Italy.


  • 24th April 2015 – We’re having a boy!!! 
  • 26th June 2015 – We have the keys to our future home!!

new house 2

And that brings me to now… 1 week to go before the expected due date of my son and I can’t help but feel much older than I was 1 year ago. 29 seems like a lifetime ago. So this is how I’ve aged in one year.

I guess all I can really end on is, I miss my Playstation.


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