The Best Advice I’ve Received On Fatherhood…so far


Back in April me and my wife went on our, can’t believe I’m going to write this, babymoon! I hate that word, another bulls##t made up occasion by marketing wa#kers to get me to spend more money. Well it worked you jackasses. Yes I know I’m a marketing wa#ker myself.
I’m not usually an angry person but I get angry over things like that.
The holiday, as it will henceforth be known, was actually really pleasant. We went to the Amalfi Coast in Italy and stayed in a cute little family run hotel in the beautiful town of Praiano. The name of the hotel was Hotel Pellegrino. The owners were a husband and wife named Luigi and Sandra and they both stayed there with their two teenage children.

Every morning Luigi would put out a lovely spread of food for breakfast. This breakfast would consist of a fresh salad, jams, bread, fruit and cakes. The salad was made up of lettuce, olives, artichokes and tomatoes, all drizzled in the best olive oil I’ve ever had. I knew the salad was fresh because they had a vegetable garden which would grow most of the vegetables found in our salad.

What I loved most about the breakfast was the home made cakes. There was a different cake every morning I knew from the imperfections in the slices that these were home made. I say imperfections but actually I think they were made to perfection.

One night I asked Luigi when and why he learned to make cakes. He told me, and this is the advice I speak of in said title, “if you learn to make delicious food and cakes at home then your children will never feel the need to eat out. Their may be sugar in cakes but at least you know how much you put in“.

This wasn’t a particularly insightful piece of advice for someone like Luigi who has grown up in a culture of great food and drink. Truth is the food we ate at restaurants tasted just as good as his home made stuff so for him the advice was probably just as much about saving money as it was about knowing what his children were eating. But for me, having grown up in London where cheap quality fast food is more common than the cold, it was like the teachings of Confucius.

So I vowed to myself no more! My children will eat the finest quality homemade food that the world has ever seen. Of course this only lasted a couple of weeks because my son has not arrived yet (you’re a week late boy!) but I think about this advice often and remind myself that when it comes to my son’s health I need to go the extra mile.

To my credit, I did learn to make some cakes and other bits when I got back but as we hadn’t moved into our new home, I was limited in what I could do. But in the future, I do plan to give Jamie Oliver a run for his money.

Here are some pictures of the things I’ve made.
Lemon drizzle cake
Marble cake
Victoria sponge
And lastly a tear and share garlic bread, there was nothing special about this but I loved it so much I wanted to “tear and share” it.

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